Langdon Cook's The Mushroom Hunters Among Amazon's Best Books of the Month

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!--paging_filter--pWe're loving all the attention emSeattle/em Magazine a href="" target="_blank"Cook's Adventure's columnist/a, a href="" target="_blank"Fat of the Land blogger/a and author Langdon Cook's new book is getting. a href="" target="_blank"emThe Mushroom Hunters, On the Trail of an Underground America/em/a was just named one of stronga href="" target="_blank"Amazon's Best Books of the Month/a/strong!/p
pFollowing Cook's first book, a href="" target="_blank"emFat of the Land/em/a, emThe Mushroom Hunters/em is an unprecedented look into the undercover world of wild mushrom foraging, marketing and selling. It's a business of anonymous pickers, sometimes shady middlemen, and a largely misunderstood marketplace for consumers. Lang embedded with foragers from all over the country, from Alaska to Colorado, California through Oregon and of course into our deep woods here in Washington to dig into this subculture. The book is an adventure, an investigation and a great yarn that, at times, reads like a mystery./p
pa href="" target="_blank"emThe Mushroom Hunters /em/ais available for pre-order on Amazon now; it's official publish date is September 10th. Or buy it in person next week at your a href="" target="_blank"favorite local indie bookstore/a./p
pAnd do take the time check out a href="" target="_blank"Lang's column /a(a href="" target="_blank"with recipes!/a) as well. I'm proud to have his excellent writing in emSeattle/em magazine.nbsp;/p