Neighborhood Walk


One of Seattle’s More Diverse Neighborhoods Is Bracing for Change

The ninth installment in the Neighborhood Walk series


Houses of Worship and Small Businessses Help Knit Wedgwood Together in Seattle

The eighth installment in the Neighborhood Walk series


ID Renovations Clash With Housing Affordability

In the Chinatown–International District, an old form of housing has fallen, taking a piece of history—and affordability—with it


In West Seattle’s Delridge Neighborhood, History Has an Enduring Hold

The sixth installment in the Neighborhood Walk series


For Generations, Seattle’s Innovators Have Called Dexter and Westlake Home

Change is the only constant, they say, and it’s happening all over Seattle— no place more so than along a stretch of Dexter and Westlake where yesterday’s innovators settled and today’s dreamers are also finding a home


Rainier Beach Residents Fight to Preserve a Diverse American Dream

On a walk through Rainier Beach, Steve Scher finds an old Seattle neighborhood that’s trying to hold on in the wake of gentrification.


These Vibrant East African Cafes, Shops Are the Best Reason to Visit This North Seattle Neighborhood

In Pinehurst, Steve Scher finds a slice of Ethiopia and Eritrea.


Tumultuous Capitol Hill Neighborhood is a Beacon of Change

Walking through one of Seattle's oldest 'hoods, Steve Scher discovers that while the future looms in every direction, each step takes you through the past.