New Fremont bar has the drinks to back up the kitschy decor

Vestal, which opened in late August on the ground floor of the Amazon Bigfoot building in South Lake Union, is the latest from chef and restaurateur Josh Henderson and the Huxley Wallace Coll

Opening in August after a remodel and revitalizing, the Smith Tower experience (including the Provisions general store on the first floor, tours and the Temperance bar) has alr

When the historic 1914 Smith Tower reopens its 35th-floor observation deck after a recent overhaul, a new 1920s, Prohibition-inspired eatery and bar will be unveiled. Will there be flappers, gin fizzes and jazz?

Summer is heating up, as are the Seattle bar announcements, as two of the city’s most legendary drinking establishments have recently un-tapped big news.

The recent overhaul of the the historic 1914 Smith Tower includes new cocktail bar

Opening in late January, Meet the Moon (which takes its memorable name from the Robert Frost poem “Going For Water”) is poised to be a summertime staple.