In Memoriam

Remembering the Seattleites we lost in 2018
| Updated: December 13, 2018

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Paul Allen, 65, Microsoft co-founder, Seattle Seahawks and Portland Trail Blazers owner, philanthropist and humanitarian.

Joaquin Avila, 69, civil-rights and voter-law attorney.

Barbara Bailey, 74, co-owner of Bailey/Coy Books.

Patricia Barry, 71, founder of the Hi Spot Café and Community Voice Mail for Seattle’s homeless.

Bob Blethen, 71, former vice president of corporate marketing for The Seattle Times Company.

Evelyn Y. Davis, 89, shareholder activist.

Anne Donovan, 56, Olympic gold medalist, WNBA Hall of Fame member and coach of the Seattle Storm for their 2004 WNBA championship.

Virgil Fassio, 91, former Seattle Post-Intelligencer publisher.

Naomi Parker Fraley, 96, American war worker and inspiration for “Rosie the Riveter.”

Richard Haag, 94, landscape architect of Gas Works Park and the Bloedel Reserve, founder of the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Washington.

Donald Dean Haley, 85, King County Judge and former president of the Seattle-King County NAACP chapter.

Sam Hamill, 74, poet, translator, anti-war activist and co-founder of Copper Canyon Press.

Randolph Hokanson, 103, pianist and UW professor emeritus.

Mark Hubbard, 47, president and founder of Grindline Skateparks.

Raymond Hunthausen
, 96, former Archbishop of Seattle.

Helen Jackson, 84, philanthropist and widow of the late Senator Henry M. Jackson.

Floyd Jones, 90, stockbroker and philanthropist.

Ruth Kirk, 92, outdoor author and naturalist.

Phyllis Lamphere, 96, former Seattle City Council member and civic activist.

Hubert Locke, 84, UW dean, author and clergyman.

Samuel B. McKinney, 91, pastor and Civil Rights leader.

Warren Miller
, 93, ski and snowboarding filmmaker.

Yoko Ott, 47, artist, curator and influential figure in the Seattle arts.

Peggy Platt, 58, comedian, actor and activist.

Dr. Donald Reay, 81, former King County medical examiner.

Diana Rhea, 96, Boeing’s longest-serving employee.

Jay Rockey, 90, Seattle PR legend and promoter of the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair.

Mario Segale, 84, real estate developer and inspiration for Nintendo’s Super Mario.

Mason Sizemore, 76, former president of The Seattle Times Company (12/31/2017).

John Spellman, 91, 18th Governor of Washington and first King County Executive.

Robert Terry, 91, first black man to teach in Seattle public schools.

DeCharlene Williams, 75, pillar of Seattle’s Central Area and founder of the Central Area’s chamber of commerce.

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