Network of Doctors Offer Advice for Using Medical Marijuana in Pot-Friendly Seattle

The Fresh Toast recently announced a partnership with Skipta to offer content and advice for usage of cannabis
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Medical marijuana has been legal in Washington since 1998. And since its recreational use became legal in Washington to everyone age 21 and over in 2012 (though apparently not without consequences--one study is showing it causes fertility issues for men), the drug has been increasingly moving out of the basement and into the spotlight with fashion accessories, pot shops, and the normalization of medicinal use.

The Fresh Toast, a local lifestyle website with a focus on cannabis, recently partnered with Skipta, a social network for 600,000 doctors and medical professionals to connect, discuss cases and get second opinions. The Fresh Toast now offers content and advice in their Rx section from Skipta’s medical professionals on when, if and how medical conditions should be treated with cannabis. Conditions such as PMS and insomnia are addressed in recent articles.

“This exciting partnership with The Fresh Toast offers us a unique vehicle to distribute reliable, trusted information on a potential treatment option,” states Skipta Founder and CEO, Dr. Theodore Search.

Savvy consumers, whether or not they use marijuana recreationally, now have another source to evaluate whether they should talk with their own doctor about the potential benefits of cannabis use for their health condition.

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