Seattle Luxury Living: A Mandarin Guide to Puget Sound

From the Seattle magazine team, a regional introduction for international newcomers.
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It is official: Our area has become the most sought-after housing market in the United States for Chinese buyers, according to the Seattle Times. Much of the newfound interest is a result of Vancouver, B.C.'s 15% tax on foreign property buyers, implemented in August 2016 to immediate effect. Sales of properties to foreign buyers plunged there, and Seattle stepped into the spotlight.

It makes sense. Seattle boasts clean air, great opportunities for education and housing that is still affordable by comparison to cities like Vancouver, B.C., or San Francisco. Add to that Seattle’s culture, art, food and drink scenes and the sheer beauty of the surrounding environment, and the city’s widespread appeal is obvious.

It also does not hurt that Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has six nonstop flights to China, including direct service multiple times a week by Delta Airlines, Hainan Airlines and, most recently, Xiamen Airlines. In 2014, Delta Airlines even declared Seattle their West Coast hub and gateway to Asia.

American businesses are just as interested in China. Starbucks intends to scale up their business in China over the next five years, surpassing even the U.S. market. Meanwhile, our aviation, technology, food and health care sectors all rely on China for growth and profitability.

Ultimately, what makes Seattle, Bellevue and the Puget Sound region a great choice for you? It’s the same reasons that bring everyone else to our increasingly international city: The region offers people a sense of place that is thriving, safe, beautiful, exciting and most of all, a place to call home. All these factors combined put our metropolis on everyone’s radar.

Whether you are just getting settled here or want to live in Seattle, Bellevue or the greater Puget Sound region, this magazine is for you. It is published by Seattle magazine, which just celebrated its 50th anniversary. We know a thing or two about this great city.

Seattle Luxury Living will excite, educate, stimulate and—when the time comes—welcome you as you become a resident of Seattle or Bellevue. In these pages you’ll learn which neighborhoods to explore and gain a better understanding of globalization as it relates to Seattle, as well as where to experience simple luxuries like the finest views or the loveliest glasses of wine.

Seattle Luxury Living is for you, and we welcome you to our pages and to our city. Check out the digital edition of Seattle Luxury Living here.

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