@seattlewalkreport Is the City's Best Instagram Account

An anonymous Seattle artist tells the story of our city at ground level

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Her followers know her as “Seattle Walk Report” (@seattlewalkreport), the name of the Instagram account this anonymous artist started last year to log her discoveries on long walks through neighborhoods in the city.

Averaging about two “reports” a week, the self-taught illustrator files hand-drawn accounts of her encounters on these urban treks—from the number of littered Starbucks cups, cute dogs and little free libraries she sees to the keenest of details, say, a squirrel eating a Kinder Surprise egg (spotted in the Central District), or notable umbrella motifs (garlic and blueberries, spied somewhere on a route between Belltown and West Seattle).

Meanwhile, she’s compiled a charming composite portrait of the city in the midst of a sea change. “I thought I had an idea of Seattle,” says the lifelong Seattleite. “But once I started walking everywhere, that totally changed that for me.”


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