This Week Then: Celebrating the History of Pike Place Market

Plus: See which Washington cities are celebrating birthdays this week
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In 1971 voters approved an initiative to preserve Pike Place Market as a historic landmark district, and today the market continues to be one of Seattle's most visited and well-loved destinations. The market is also home to our HistoryLink office, and we are delighted to be one of its proud tenants.

Starting to Grow

A number of cities are celebrating anniversaries this week, beginning with Port Orchard, which was called Sidney when, on September 15, 1890, it became the first town to incorporate in Kitsap County. Its early residents took an active role in bringing the Puget Sound Naval Station (later Puget Sound Naval Shipyard) across Sinclair Inlet to Bremerton

Yakima County has two cities celebrating birthdays this week. Sunnyside incorporated on September 16, 1902, and Wapato did the same exactly six years later. Beginning in World War II, these and other nearby communities benefited from the Bracero program -- which contracted Mexican migrant workers -- and today the vast majority of their residents are of Hispanic or Latino heritage.

Over in Snohomish County, Gold Bar incorporated on September 16, 1910, and although its name came from small gold discoveries made in the area, the town's early success from mining would come from copper and arsenic. Back in central Washington, Moses Lake incorporated in Grant County on September 15, 1938, and was named for Chief Moses, leader of the Columbia band of Indians. And finally, on September 18, 1947, Winslow became a city, but later changed its name to Bainbridge Island after annexing the entire land mass.

News Then, History Now

First Congregation

On September 14, 1892, Temple Emanu-El in Spokane became the first Jewish synagogue to open in the state of Washington. Four days later, on September 18, Congregation Ohaveth Sholum opened the first synagogue in Seattle.

Old West Sensation

On September 15, 1915, the citizens of Mabton celebrated their abundant alfalfa crop by opening the Hay Palace -- built almost entirely of hay bales. And on September 13, 1923, Ellensburg held its first rodeo, an event now celebrated each Labor Day weekend. This celebration of Western culture harkens back to the days of the town's origin as a trading post named Robber's Roost.

Guitar Innovation

On September 13, 1934, the Los Angeles-based Orville Knapp Orchestra performed a concert in Seattle at the Club Victor that featured what was almost certainly the local public debut of the electric guitar. And on September 16, 1957, Northwest musician Dave Bunker submitted a patent application for his dual-necked Duo-Lectar electric "Touch Guitar." "

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