The traffic forecast is partly cloudy for our commuter staff

Seattle's HistoryLink soft open in Nov. 1998 debuted on January 15, 1999, at the Seattle Center's annual Martin Luther King Day celebration

Seattle, Washington 1919 General Strike

Knute Berger reflects on two cataclysmic events that brought Seattle to its knees a century ago

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Download these new, locally developed apps that offer tools to help fashionistas, parents and diners

Alaskan Way Viaduct is closing on January 11

Our staff looks into the crystal ball and makes predictions on how the Viadoom will affect us all

Alaskan Way Viaduct in Seattle, Washington

Plus: Port Townsend turns 159

Seattle rain and grey weather

PEMCO survey shows that only 45 percent of Western Washingtonians like our drizzle and gloom

New York City (NYC) will soon have an Amazon HQ

Two Seattle City Councilmembers have their say

There are many things we want to talk about with family and friends; death isn’t usually one of them. But from Death Salons to Death Cafes and dinners, there are plenty of signs in Seattle that this is changing

Plus: The anniversary of two Pacific Northwest theater openings