Seattle experienced a midlife crisis 30 years ago, says Knute Berger. Are we having another one today?

Local legends joined Police Chief Carmen Best and hundreds of SPD officers to lip sync to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' "Downtown."

University of Washington’s Spencer Sevilla wants to give cell access to those in need

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Suzanne Moore is among nearly 30 artists participating in the Seattletters International Calligraphy Conference in Bellingham this month

Take in the views and enjoy a cocktail at the top of Seattle’s tallest building—902 feet in the air

Retailers throughout the city are getting creative in their fight for survival—and many are thriving

An early sketch from the forthcoming graphic novel about the historic Georgetown Steam Plant

The National History Landmark will soon be in the spotlight

The Moxy Hotel features a lobby turned playground for the fun-loving traveler

An estimated 50,000 people are cheering in the stands at the Opening Ceremony.

The official launch to the week long Special Olympic Games was fun, festive and full of feeling

An anonymous Seattle artist tells the story of our city at ground level