UPDATED: Tom Douglas Opening a Falafel Joint? Indeed!

| Updated: November 27, 2018

On Saturday's Seattle Kitchen radio show, Tom Douglas dropped a bomb: He's "getting pretty close" to opening a falafel joint right here in Seattle. Say wha?

Tom said he ate the best falafel of his life at L'as du Fallafel in Paris (the New York Times seems quite smitten, too!), during his recent month spent living in the City of Light. Tom's producer, Katie O, blogged about the meal.

On the radio show, the bit about Tom's falafel joint popped up when he was saying how good the falafel is at Cafe Munir, in Loyal Heights; Tom called Munir's near perfect. Listen to the whole spiel on the My Northwest website.

And now, the guessing game begins: where oh where will the falafel joint be opening? My money's on SLU. What do you think?

UPDATE: According to Tom's assitant, Jessica Moore, we can "look for the new falafel spot adjacent to the Paramount Theatre this fall. We have been tirelessly taste-testing and finalizing the menu." More info as it comes.