Canlis’ New Private Dining Experience Is Inside a Shipping Container 盒子里的晚宴:Canlis餐厅“集装箱”私人宴会新体验

本地最奢华餐厅揭幕非同寻常的私人宴会体验 The swankiest joint in town unveils an unusual private dining experience

2018年末节日盛宴旺季,西雅图标志性餐厅Canlis全新揭幕其用集装箱改装成的私人聚会场所地点就在其停车场西侧。餐厅老板Brian Canlis介绍私人宴会餐厅由集装箱经神级改造而成,是Canlis一站式用餐体验的延伸可容纳8人就餐,配有燃木火炉,小巧舒适,简洁的工业气息,但又极具趣味性食物由主厨Brady Williams主理,他精心客人准备的菜单,具定制、多道菜、家庭风的风格佐以红酒和鸡尾酒;此外,自然少不了全城首屈一指的完美服务。至于如此规格的宴会价格?人均起价只有500美元 

Tis the season for some spectacularly festive meals. To that end, Seattle’s iconic Canlis restaurant is now offering a new, exclusive venue for private parties: a converted shipping container on the west edge of its parking lot. That’s right: Co-owner Brian Canlis explains that this tricked-out dining room—at once industrial and cozy, with a wood-fired oven and seating for eightis an extension of the full-stop Canlis dining experience, “but in the most fun way possible.” It features a custom, multicourse, family-style menu prepared by chef Brady Williams, wine and cocktail pairings, and naturally, the very best service in town. The price tag for a party like this? It starts at a mere $500 per person.

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