Where to Eat Out During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Short answer: Your favorite local restaurants, all of which need your support right now
| Updated: March 16, 2020
Got stress? Come eat $1 oysters (as long as you're healthy, and promise to wash your hands).

These are some scary times—particularly if you’re in the hospitality industry. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak in Seattle, restaurants are reporting between 20 and 90 percent drop in sales, a crippling amount when margins are already slim. What can you do that’s more productive than panicking and stockpiling dry goods? Support the locally run businesses you don’t want to suffer the same fate as Local 360, Pintxo and the other businesses who have already had to shutter permanently because of the economic impact.

Assume that restaurants are already taking the utmost sanitary precautions; if you’re looking for another reason to go out, these spots are getting creative with discounts, specials, and never-before-offered takeout options. Be healthy and smart, but also eat out and support your community. At the very least? Go buy as many gift certificates as your bank account allows.

Please keep in mind this list is not comprehensive. Have a restaurant you want included? Send us a note! We'll be adding to this in the coming days/weeks. 

Specials and discounts

Neighborhood Grills
This restaurant group, including Eastlake Bar and Grill, Greenlake Grill, Raconteur and more, is allowing free kid meals all day until further notice.

Cafe Lago
Normally reserved for Monday nights, the $10 pizza special at this charming Italian restaurant has been extended to every night for the time being. 

Hot Cakes
Autumn Martin's gooey chocolate cakes (and cookies, layer cakes, etc.) can be delivered to your door starting Wednesday, March 18, part of an effort she's calling project Birthdays Don't Stop. Online orders here

"Fine dining is not what Seattle needs right now," writes Canlis in a Facebook post that announces a temporary new strategy to feed people and keep employees working: The dining room will close, but they'll be running a morning breakfast stand with bagels, a drive-thru lunch option for burgers and a family meal for dinner delivered straight to your home. Check Canlis.com for details. 

Kimpton Hotel restaurants: Tulio, Outlier, Bookstore Bar and Cafe, Shaker + Spear
These spots are all offering 20 percent off takeout orders and 25 percent extra towards gift cards (for example: spend $100, get $125). 

Piroshky Piroshky and Uli’s Famous Sausage
These two iconic Pike Place restaurants have teamed up, offering 25% off the curry chicken and Uli’s jalapeño and cheddar sausage piroshki. Piroshky Piroshky has also invented an entirely new vegan menu item, the Catch 22, with ingredients like ginger, carrots and spinach to keep your immune system happy.

Tutta Bella Neopolitan Pizzeria
This Seattle chain is offering free delivery to customers, 10% discounts to health care employees when they dine-in, and free meals to its employees.

The White Swan/Radiator Whiskey/Matt’s in the Market
All three of Seattle restauranteur Dan Bugge’s locations will be offering specials. The White Swan Public House has an all-day happy hour and $1 oysters; Radiator Whiskey is also offering consistent happy hour and any well shot and draft beer for $10. With the usual influx of business from Pike Place gone, Matt’s is offering a discounted cocktail menu, reduced prices on glasses of wines and a new all-day modified menu.

Currant Bistro
This small Belltown location is offering all-day happy hour for the foreseeable future, including 20% off wines, discounts off beer and cocktails, and reduced prices on fan-favorite foods.

Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya
Kizuki’s Bellevue location is transporting its traditional Japanese ramen in tamper-safe containers and offering delivery by a health-screened employee. They are working on implementing these measures at their other locations; follow on social media for more info.

BluWater Bistro
Leschi residents can head to BluWater for seafood, now accompanied by free Emergen-C and complimentary hand sanitizer.

Seoul Bowl
Through the end of the month bowls from this Korean BBQ spot will be 20% off if you follow the restaurant on Instagram.

Art of the Table
Chef Dustin Ronspies’ fine-dining spot is offering a family-style dinner of roast chicken, vegetables and Beecher’s mac and cheese for $60 to pick-up at the restaurant.

Le Messe
Get your comfort food on: a starter and a pasta is only $25 right now at this Eastlake spot.

Downtown has been hit especially hard as many employees are working from home. This hotel restaurant is offering 20 percent off the entire bill.


Takeout options you may not have thought about…

Ethan Stowell Restaurants: How to Cook a Wolf, MKT, Rione XIII, Cortina, Frelard Pizza Co, Ballard Pizza Co., San Juan Seltzery, etc. 




Eight Row

General Harvest restaurants: Vendemmia, Haymaker, GH Pasta Co., Raccolto

Brimmer & Heeltap



Poquito's, Stoneburner and Seaplane 


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