Role Call

Race, gender and class all figure into Intiman’s season

It’s no accident that race, gender and class are important themes in Intiman’s programming this year (which includes two plays and an emerging-artist program). Focusing on these themes was a deliberate choice, says season cocurator Sara Porkalob, whose play Dragon Lady opens September 5. “More than anything, I want people to walk away from our season knowing that they’ve seen what a theater institution can do for equity on and off stage.” 

The actor, director, arts activist and award-winning solo performer has been influential in making sure that Intiman productions “have at least 

50 percent characters of color and more female-identifying characters than men.” 

Dragon Lady, she says, has changed as she developed it over the past few years. It’s an autobiographical story about three generations in her family. In its latest incarnation, it’s a musical that delves into the real events of her grandmother’s past. Intiman is promoting it as “60 years. 3 generations. 1 Filipino gangster family,” with a plot that includes “gangsters, murders and more.”

Through workshops focusing on the show, Porkalob changed, too. “By simply writing and performing Dragon Lady, I am asserting my place in the world of theater and in the world,” she says. “There are POC [person of color] narratives that exist that don’t tokenize or stereotype the characters/artists involved.”

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