Beast Mode jerseys are flying off the shelves in unexpected places.

#manintree perhaps best summarizes the overall WTF zeitgeist of 2016

The first game of the new NFL season for our local heroes is Sunday, September 11. It’s looking like a stellar year, and while watching at home is fine, watching with a group of fellow fans while sipping a good drink out is pretty darn fun, too.

A new Seahawks season kicks off on September 11 as the 'Hawks take on the Miami Dolphins at CenturyLink Field. But this year, 12th fans will have a few more reasons to be excited when visiting the stadium.

With additional reporting by Jake Laycock

For 40 years, we’ve watched the Seahawks lose (2-12 in their first season) and win a lot, making it to postseason play in 10 of the past 13 seasons.

The Seahawks’ 2015 season will be remembered as their Return of the Jedi year. 

Going into Sunday's week 3 game, the biggest storyline for the 0-2 Seattle Seahawks is Jimmy Graham.

Expectations were high. The Seahawks, who have been to the past two Super Bowls (with the most recent trip requiring an upset over the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship), lost their season opener last week.

Twelves can show their support this season—and kill time waiting for kickoff—with the Seahawks Tailgate Toss. $69.99.

Football is a manic mistress; a torrid relationship full of swelling highs and crippling lows.