Seattle history


How Thomas Pynchon Turned Seattle Into Nazi Germany

Here’s big news for literature buffs: Gravity’s Rainbow, the masterpiece by Thomas Pynchon, Seattle’s most-honored and influential writer, turns out to be a savage act of vengeance against our town, inspired by our 1962 Century 21 Exhibition. “Seattle World’s Fair scenes have been exaggerated, parodied, remixed,” writes University of British Columbia scholar Jeffrey Severs in…


A Brief History of Rotary Viewpoint Park’s Totem Pole

There’s more to West Seattle’s totem pole than meets the eye


Olson Kundig’s King Street Station Project: Q&A With Design Principal Kirsten R. Murray

The ubiquitous Seattle architect team will design a cultural hub at King Street Station


Filson’s New Ballard Boutique: Bridging Ballard’s Cultural Gap

Filson’s new Ballard location on Ballard Avenue at the intersection of NW Dock Street is a historic building that served most recently as a chandlery

Solutions to Help Small Businesses are a Start

But if your favorite old dive bar is currently struggling, well, drink up

This Forgotten Bridge Once Made an Important Connection

Leschi Bridge was once an essential route for Seattle settlers

Will Robots One Day Run Our Lives?

The future may finally be here, says Knute Berger, and it looks like robots will rule


The History Behind Green Lake’s Grandstand

Green Lake's abandoned Aqua Theater once dazzled


Defending History: Historic Sites Worthy of Preservation in Jeopardy

Development continues to threaten heritage structures, Knute Berger says