6 Local Subscriptions for Holiday Gifting

Finding the perfect gift is as easy as clicking “subscribe”
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The holidays can be a busy time of year, leaving little time for the obligatory gift shopping between holiday parties, festive concerts and family get-togethers. To give you a leg up, and save on wrapping paper, we have rounded up the most coveted local subscription services, which require near-zero effort on your part and will keep your thoughtful nature top of mind year round. Who knows, you might find something worth signing up for yourself.

The Do Gooder
During a season dominated by a constant feeling of give and take, it can be refreshing to find a way to give back. In this case, Sanaya Set accomplishes both. The quarterly gift box, created by a trio of sisters, offers carefully sourced lifestyle products, predominantly from women-owned business, that focus on self care; past shipments have included jewelry, skincare essentials and thoughtful books. In addition, 10 percent of all net proceeds are donated to organizations that correspond with the company’s vision of social justice and have included Planned Parenthood, ACLU and OneAmerica.
$120 per quarterly shipment

The Best Mom Ever
Bellevue-based Mother Snacker knows how to cure a sweet tooth. Think artisan brownies, cookies and caramels—along with the occasional bath or jewelry items—delivered to your door each month. Founder Leah Brushett thought of the idea in the months after her son Leo was born when she realized how impactful the simplest kind gesture could make in a new mom’s day.
Starting at $54 per month

The Craft Enthusiast
For the past four years, Pink and Posey founder Quynh Nguyen has been perfecting the art of creating paper flowers that are so lifelike you have to see them to believe. If you know someone who would partake in this bit of crafty magic, The Posey Box ought to make your list. In addition to a monthly shipment of supplies, like premium paper and art tools, subscribers will gain access to Nguyen’s private Facebook page where she posts tips and tutorials meant to help you master the art of paper flower making.
Starting at $45 per month

The Greenthumb
Renton-based Urban Sprouts launched a monthly subscription service earlier this year that delivers Pinterest-worthy succulents to your doorstep. Those in your life with a green thumb, or who are in desperate need of home decor, can choose between a succulent, an air plant or a mix of plants—care instructions included.
$9.99-$11.99 per month

The Bottle Popper
Willie Gluckstern once said; "In a perfect world, everyone would have a glass of Champagne every evening." We are happy to report that Bryan and Abby Maletis, the owners of Queen Anne-based Fat Cork, agree. Subscribers can choose between three bi-monthly membership tiers (two, three or six bottles per shipment) that deliver undiscovered champagnes from France to your...er, someone you love’s doorstep.
Starting at $9.95 every other month

The Chocolate Lover
Receiving mail gets a little sweeter after signing up for Chococurb. The Seattle-based company ships hand-selected premium chocolate monthly from both local chocolatiers to established national brands. Include this with a subscription to Fat Cork (above) and you have this holiday gifting season made.
Starting at $20 per month

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