Get Your Shoe Fix at the Sabah Pop-up in Capitol Hill This Weekend

From desk to date night, these artisanal, hand-stitched shoes will take you anywhere
| Updated: August 1, 2019

Sabah founder Mickey Ashmore has managed to make slippers chic again since founding his artisanal leather shoe company in 2013. His collection of Instagram-worthy slippersSabahs ($195 in leather or suede) and Babas (slip-ons, $170 in leather or suede) are available to try on and purchase at Glasswing (Capitol Hill, 1525 Melrose Ave.; 206.641.7646) starting today through Sunday, Aug. 4. Ashmore’s core collection of Sabahs are available in muted Pacific Northwest-ready shades of grey, navy, black and tan, with a few eye-popping patterns including leopard print and bright fire red.

Returning to Seattle is sentimental for Ashmore, whose first job after college landed him at Microsoft. He eventually moved to Turkey with the tech giant and ended up making a pair of the casual-yet-durable leather shoes with a family of craftsmen in southeastern part of the country. Informed by generations of shoemakers, each pair of Sabahs is hand stitched and is highly regarded for its comfort and unique look. And while stylish people seeking comfortable footwear can shop the company’s wears at a handful of brick and mortar locations around the world, Sabah currently sells exclusively direct to consumer, with the next four days being a rare occasion for Seattleites to try on a pair in person. 

“Sabah” translates to “morning” in Turkish and if the hype around the chic shoe is true, you won’t have any trouble slipping into them morning, noon and night.

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