Meet Andrew Hoge, Seattle Magazine’s New Style and Society Writer

Andrew will be covering fashion, events and much more for the magazine. Get to know him here.
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Andrew Hoge has an affinity for style, design and evoking curiosity in others.

Born in Yakima, Washington, he braved the pass to study at Seattle University, where he launched his career in fashion marketing at Luly Yang Couture, the famed Northwest-based couture house. He later cemented his love for the fashion industry as a public relations intern for Oscar de la Renta in New York City. After joining the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in his current role as director of celebrations, Hoge launched his personal blog,, as a way to continue sharing his passion for empowering others and working with the Northwest fashion community. He now also shares his passion at Seattle magazine, where he oversees the style, shopping, fashion and  beauty features and the Flash/Talk party-pictures pages as our style and social writer.

Off duty, you might find Andrew exploring the latest restaurant or cocktail bar, attending the ballet or networking with fellow fashion enthusiasts. He shares his perspective on Instagram at @andrewhoge.

Get to know Andrew through the Q&A below, or say hello at an event around town -- standing 6'6", he's easy to spot in a crowd.

How long have you lived in Seattle?
10 years.

Why did you choose Seattle?
I moved here to study strategic communications and business at Seattle University. One of the best decisions I ever made!

Which neighborhood do you live in, why do you live there and what do you like about living here?
I call the Capitol Hill neighborhood home. The area is a true melting pot of culture, activity and identity. Not to mention, the food and nightlife scene on the hill is always evolving.

What do you think is undersung about the Seattle area?
There is a strong sense of pride for our community. Seattleites quickly come together to support environmental, social and political causes that push our community to be better. There is also an understated group of creatives and innovators whose work is inspired by the zeitgeist of the Pacific Northwest.

What do you do for fun?
In my spare time, you’ll most likely find me at a swank cocktail bar or new restaurant. I enjoy surrounding myself with fellow creatives and finding ways to change the world. I’m also a fan of the arts and frequently visit museums and attend the ballet.

How did you get interested in style and social events?
When I was in high school, I met a theater coach who offered me modeling lessons that focused on runway and posing. This experience had a strong impact on me, as a somewhat awkward teenager, and I decided to always find ways to empower others in my career. In college, I accepted a public relations internship with couture designer Luly Yang. Over the course of six years I immersed myself in the fashion industry and realized the opportunity it had to inspire others and celebrate what makes each of us unique.

How would you describe your personal style/what is your personal style philosophy?
My personal style is all about contrast - in more ways than one. During the day I wear tailored suits paired with dress shoes, but in the evening I adopt an “urban/street” look that typically includes black leather jackets, military-style boots and lots of layers. As someone who stands a head higher than most (I’m six foot six inches tall) the fit and proportions of my off-duty style is important to me and is informed by my history of working in couture ateliers. This tension is something that I find both beautiful and fascinating.

How would you define Seattle style and fashion?
Seattle style has mainly been about comfort and functionality, but there is fashion renaissance happening in the city and I couldn’t be more excited. Tried and true brands like Nordstrom and Mario’s are evolving the retail landscape while new, independent brands are adding to our fashion identity. These designers care about design, sourcing quality materials and creating pieces that incorporate the Northwest’s unique landscape and ethos.

What do you love about writing about Seattle style and fashion?
There is so much innovation and growth happening right now! When I started in the industry eight years ago, there were a couple department stores, very few independent designers and a handful of fashion and lifestyle bloggers. Today the community looks completely different and I am beyond excited to share their stories with Seattle magazine readers.

Who is your style icon in general?
Tom Ford. The man is a rock star with excellent taste and a strong sense of self.

Who are Seattle style icons?
Honestly, anyone who has takes the initiative to express themselves through wardrobe is my hero. Some favorite include James Todd, creative director at Gene Juarez; store owner David Lawrence, couturier Luly Yang and singer, not to mention newly-annointed Seattleite, Ciara.

What makes Seattle special when it comes to fundraising events?
Seattleites are very passionate when it comes to the philanthropic causes they care about. It’s inspiring to see individuals come together at fundraisers and galas not only to give, but to engage in thoughtful discussions and mentor future community leaders.

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