Stop the Presses: Murray's Cheese is Coming to Seattle!

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You could've knocked me over with a feather this morning when I opened my inbox and there was the news: Murray's Cheese opening seven mini Murray's stores inside local QFC stores. I had to check to make sure it wasn't an Onion headline.

Murray's is a legendary Greenwich Village destination--and I mean "destination." The 70+ year old store smells like warm Parmesan tastes: nutty, caremlized, salty, briney, funky, earthy, intoxicating. I love the original Murray's Cheese Shop.

Of course, we aren't getting a dreamy standalone shop with the 300 (!) cheeses on offer at the original Murray's. But this is still really good news for those of us who seek out the stinky, sharp, ooey-gooey stuff. 

The first local mini-Murray's opens in two weeks in the University Village QFC. There'll be a FREE tasting event open to the public on Thursday, March 29th from 4pm to 7pm. I'm told the store will offer 175 cheeses, including an expansive European offering and many local cheeses (Beecher's and Mt. Townsend among them). Murray's has already opened cheese shops-within Kroger stores in Ohio, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky and Texas, and in King Soopers stores in Colorado.

UPDATE: The Capitol Hill Harvard Market QFC will debut its mini Murray's in April; the Broadway Market QFC gets cheesy in June. In the meantime I'll be praying the Rainier Avenue store is on the list. The south-end is a bit of a cheese wasteland.