Summer Jams

Music Festival Season officially returns with this tuneful trifecta

Launched: 1972
Focus: folk, world music, DIY
Typical festival experience: Drum circles, impromptu mandolin jams, shrieking kids running through the International Fountain
Who Goes: The Woodstock generation and their grandkids, aficionados of the hammered dulcimer, people who really don’t see why everyone thinks Portlandia is so funny
Big Names: Naomi Wachira, Kung Foo Grip, Whitney Monge, Tomo Nakayama, Clinton Fearon, Baby Gramps
Likely Political Ambassador: Kshama Sawant. 



(5/25–5/28); Times vary.
Free; (suggested daily donation $10/person).
Seattle Center
Seattle, WA
United States
Free Admission