Getting Your Kids into Summer Camp Just Got Easier: Bellevue-Based Web Service Does the Work For You

6crickets, created by a Bellevue computer scientist (and mom), simplifies a complicated process for parents

This article appears in print in the March 2018 issue. Click here to subscribe. If you’ve ever spent hours in front of…

Megan Toal

Current Bags Keep the Energy Flowing

A backpack that prevents phone death

This bag solves the power—and lack of it—problem

Sarah Murphy

HemaApp: Screening Without the Sting

An app in development screens for anemia without a blood draw

HemaApp: no blood, no fuss

Niki Stojnic

Bruce Pavitt’s New App, 8Stem, Makes You the DJ

Sub Pop's Bruce Pavitt has a new app that puts anyone in the producer's seat

8Stem creative director Bruce Pavitt (foreground) and CEO Adam Farish in their Capitol Hill office: Sub Pop’s 25 million record sales were just a start

Tim Appelo

Uniting Music Lovers and Makers Through Tech

Two websites that curate alternative shows create community and revenue for musicians

Seattle’s Stacey Mastrian sang at Carnegie Hall, the Vatican, and for GroupMuse, on a Queen Anne porch

Sarah Murphy

Seattle Companies Seek Opportunities in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality offers a different way to see the world. Seattle companies are jumping on board—and believe it will change the way we live

In the not-too-distant future, virtual reality may immerse kids in educational experiences and help them explore the universe in a whole new way

Connor Raikes and Drew Atkins

Introducing Amazon Go

The latest Amazon project is an actual grocery store, but one that promises no lines ever.

The future is awesome. And terrifying. But mostly awesome. Today in Amazon announcements, the local megacorp introduced us to Amazon…

Chelsea Lin

Will Robots One Day Run Our Lives?

The future may finally be here, says Knute Berger, and it looks like robots will rule

A reporter interviews the Televox robot, made by Westinghouse Electric, in the Lloyd Building in 1928

Knute Berger

Fall Arts Preview 2016: Arts & Technology

Tapping into the best tech-related events

Seattle in Parody – Maria Semple No author has captured the comedic absurdity of Seattle with more success than novelist…

Jim Demetre