Local Website Gives Real-Time Wildfire Conditions for Washington State

As summer heats up, this website can help you monitor wildfire conditions in your neck of the woods
  • Washington Smoke gives real-time smoke condition information for your area
BREATHE EASIER: Washington Smoke gives real-time smoke condition information for your area

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Wildfire season in rural areas has come to mean smoke season in the city. Developed by a number of government agencies and Native American tribes, the Washington Smoke blog features an interactive state map to keep you informed of smoke conditions in real time. Using information from live webcams set up across the state, color-coded dots (ranging from green for good conditions to maroon for hazardous) and flame symbols indicate active wildfires at that moment, along with air quality in surrounding areas. In addition to the monitoring map, the blog—which has a Spanish translation option—also includes links to local emergency resources, and information on topics such as when to use a face mask and how to protect your health from outdoor smoke. 

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