Northwest African American Museum exhibit explores uniqueness of black identity in the West.

The metaphorical great-grandchild of Impressionist painter Seurat, Marcio Diaz has developed a painting style, which he calls “Bubblism,” that replaces Seurat’s pointillist dots with tiny, playful whorls of brilliant color.

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Video- and computer-based installations are the favored mediums of Perry, winner of the Seattle Art Museum’s 2017 Gwendolyn Knight and Jacob Lawrence Prize; critique of media sensationalism and institutional racism is a frequent subject.

This exhibit celebrates 65 years of the late Seattle photographer’s work documentating the Central District and Seattle’s African-American community, depiciting residents in ordinary, often intimate, moments of their daily life.

Appropriating text from various sources and placing them on large-scale, colorful paint-on-paper work, City Arts visual arts editor and recent Seattle Art Fair exhibitor Amanda Manitach draws you in with a soothing color palette before th

In celebration of 90 years, the Henry hosts its first museum-wide exhibition of its contemporary art collection.

Croatian-born new-media artist Maja Petrić’s installation and object art explores various applications of light and lighting, which she explains, “transforms [the] experience of spaces into places that elicit the sublimity of nature.” In her new e

Among the more than 30 pieces in this retrospective of the Mount Vernon-born artist is a series of nine mixed-media drawings titled Smallpox Drawings.

In Retrospect illuminates realist painter Andrew Wyeth’s defining role as one of the most recognized American artists of the 20th century.