White Center


White Center’s Rapid Ascent to Food and Drink Destination

Beer Star anchors the changing neighborhood with a family-friendly beer hall.


In White Center, a Restaurateur Cooks up Some Tunes

A second Drunky's Two Shoe BBQ is expected to open here soon; with it, perhaps the start of a new live music scene on the west side


Urban Safari: White Center

Once a mishmash of constantly revolving storefronts, White Center, in West Seattle now teems with an


Zippy’s Giant Burgers is Relocating to White Center

Great news, burger fanatics. The owners of Zippy’s have been in tough talks with landlords who are out to triple the burger joint’s rent. In a recession, that’s the kind of hardball that just won’t fly. Instead of paying triple, according to White Center Now, Zippy’s is moving to a new home on the north…