A relatively new wine-growing region is producing sippable whites with high acidity and minerality

Andrew Latta’s artisan winery thrives off thoughtfully selected terroir.

Private label Pét-Nat and irreverent wine temples lay just 100 miles north of Seattle.

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Learn from the best—join a wine club from the city’s most-loved wine purveyors.

South Park’s Left Bank may be small in stature, but we think it’s big in potential

Stop by the neighborhood darling for approachable, affordable wine—from Washington reds to sparkling Franciacorta.

Just in time for Valentine's Day.

The "Twin Peaks" and "Portlandia" star has been making wine in his native Yakima for more than a decade. Could a wine dinner at Twede's Cafe be coming soon?

The three day food and wine festival is just a few weeks away!

Amid the horror stories coming from California's fire-struck wine region, we check on the state of Washington's wine grapes.