Fifty years ago, Seattle threw a party for the world. The World’s Fair—called The Century 21 Exposition—was a celebration of Space Age innovation at a time of hope and futuristic yearnings.

In 2006, when we produced an anniversary issue celebrating this magazine’s 40-year evolution from Pacific Search, to Pacific Northwest, to Seattle Home and Garden to the Seattle mag you’re reading today, we invited local notables to write about th

Marie McCaffrey
Executive director,

1. Champagne glasses (with Space Needle stems) used on opening night of the fair

In 1962, stylish guests dined and drank at The Eye of the Needle (now called SkyCity), while slowly revolving 500 feet above Seattle.

1,000,000: number of dollars the City of Fife offered Seattle to move the Space Needle to its downtown

Since its construction, we’ve been decorating the Space Needle to commemorate special occasions.

The Seattle world’s fair of 1962 is fixed in civic memory: the Space Needle, the Science Center, the Monorail. But just as interesting as the fair that was is the fair that wasn’t.